Root canals are tiny channels within your tooth that may become infected due to extensive cavity. These canals contain the dental pulp that is made out of nerves and blood vessels. When your root canals are infected, the pulp inside your tooth will get infected as well. At Focus 32 Dental, Hamilton, we give our patients the choice to save the tooth by performing this procedure.

Root canal treatment is a procedure to remove the infection. The canals are cleaned and then filled during the treatment, and the tooth will then get a filling or crown once there is no further sign of infection.

What Does the Root Canal Treatment Involve?

Depending on the number of teeth and the extent of cavity, root canal treatments usually require one to three visits. Each procedure is unique to the individual, but will generally follow the following steps:

  • An opening will be created in the crown of the tooth
  • Pulp is then removed from the root canal
  • After the infected area is cleaned and adequately shaped, the canals will then be filled and sealed with a temporary filling
  • Once there is no further sign of infection, the temporary filling will be replaced with a more permanent restoration – such as a dental crown to strengthen the tooth.
  • A root canal treatment is an alternative to extraction when a tooth is extensively infected. It allows you to keep your natural tooth, so that you can avoid further problems because of missing teeth. To find out how we can help you, contact our Hamilton clinic on 0800 32 SMILE.