At Focus 32 Dental, composite fillings are our restoration of choice because of their excellent natural appearance and strength. Because the shade and colour of the composite fillings can be closely matched to the colour of existing teeth, they will provide the most aesthetically pleasing result. The fact that they chemically bond to tooth structure means that they are much stronger too.

Our philosophy at Focus 32 Dental is to use the latest technology combined with artistic flair to craft fillings that make your teeth look brand new – you might even have trouble seeing where they are!

Composite fillings can also be an option for chipped and broken teeth. A composite veneer is very similar to the porcelain veneer and functions much the same the way. They are generally considered as short term to medium term restorations in comparison to porcelain veneers.

For those that don’t have the budget for porcelain veneers, call us at 0800 32 SMILE and have a chat to see if composite veneers are right for you.